Hello and welcome. My name is Cynthia Holien.

I am an intuitive, abstract expressionist artist, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I paint with acrylics on paper, synthetic YUPO paper, and canvas.

I believe that art is what makes a home more human. Art can enhance our lives, show our personalities, evoke thoughts and emotions, and improve our well-being. I think the Pandemic has created a deeper appreciation of our homes and surroundings. Our homes have become the main setting of our lives, a place where we want to feel safe, content, and comforted. It is my desire to bring value and meaning into your homes with my paintings.

Cynthia Holien
Photos by Nicki Lamkin, @simply.nic

I create expressive abstract artwork, using acrylic paints to explore unexpected color combinations blended together for an element of surprise.

I typically draw my inspiration from interiors, fashion, and Flora + Fauna. I love color and contrast. I usually use black paint in my work because it feels very grounding to me.

Growing up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I have always had great curiosity and appreciation for art and design. It wasn’t until I reached my late 50s that I wanted to become an artist. Thank you for looking at my website. It is my hope to convey the joy I feel when I’m painting. I have returned home to the Twin Cities after living in South Dakota for 30+ years. I live with my husband David, and our dog companion Frances, who inspire and encourage me daily.


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